Crossroads English School

Crossroads English School was founded in 1984 by John and Kunjamma Gabriel in Pampady, Kerala (in southern India), as part of Kerala Christ Church Mission. Starting with 32 pre­-kindergarten children – ages 3 and 4 – it is now home for 2,300 students, pre-K tK through the 12th grade.


Crossroads School currently consists of two separate curricula: The Higher Secondary School (1,500 students) and the Central School (800 students). An outstanding 99% of the graduates proceed to higher college education. The school has been ranked as one of the highest rated schools in Kerala State (22 million population) for the past four years. It is focused on instilling Christian and national loyalty, and citizenship while providing excellence in academic and moral education.




Administrator, Kunjamma Gabriel holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and Economics. Principal Mary Lynn Gabriel holds a Master's degree in Education and English. The school has 100 qualified teachers and assistants. Two pastors are on staff to coordinate the religious and moral education with spiritual nurturing for the students.




Sponsorship opportunities are available for needy students. A generous Sponsor can cover all school costs for a child's studies for $150 per year, or $12.50 per month. About 100 students currently benefit from scholarships.




Visiting teachers and teachers-in-training are always welcome at Crossroad English School. If you are interested in short term – a few weeks – or a full school year, please contact ct Principal Lynn Gabriel at crossroadslynn ( to initiate a discussion about the specifics. Crossroads provides visiting teachers with modest accommodations: lodging on campus and all meals. Specific needs for all grades, pre-K through 12th grade:

  • English enunciation
  • Science areas (all specialties) Crossroads English School
  • Writing skills, drama, poetry
  • Rhymes, songs, picture stories for small children