We greatly appreciate your support, as you partner with us to benefit the churches and missions in India.


We structured GMI in 2014 and formed a 501(c)3 organization. This now allows us to receive funds on behalf of missions worldwide, beginning with the primary mission—Kerala Christ Church Mission. Our partnering in this fashion allows us to raise finances, communicate with and encourage missions.


Global Missions International is committed to directing funds to the mission field. As a result, our financial statements indicate that we have spent only 3½% on administrative and operating expenses. The rest of the income has gone directly to supporting mission works which are Christ-centered and Bible-based.


To Donate By Credit Card (or PayPal):



Step 1: After clicking the above Donate button, enter the donation amount.

Underneath the amount is a check box to choose to make it monthly or leave it as a one time donation.

See step 2 before proceeding any further...

Step 2: After entering the amount, there is a choice to click the blue button to Donate with PayPal, or click the white button (with a blue outline) to Donate with a Debit or Credit Card.

The white button doesn't show up very well, but that's the one you want if paying with a credit card.

Note with Step 2: When paying with a credit card there is an option to "Add special instructions to the seller:" - click on that to send a message and specify a specific ministry (John Gabriel India Mission, Children's Village, Crossroads English School, etc.)

If paying with PayPal there should be an option to leave a message, but if not (as we've experienced in some cases) please contact us to let us know the specific ministry, thanks.

Thank you very much for your generosity.


To Donate By Check:

Please mail checks to 9615 NE Mason, Portland, OR 97220


Thank you.